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Welcome to the Molokai Island Foundation

Molokai Island Foundation Girls Writing Goals & Objectives
  • Provide leadership and vision to the youth of Molokai

  • Provide opportunties for rewarding employment

  • Stimulate community investment

  • Broaden career pathways

  • Create diversified structures

  • Build upon the economy of Molokai

  • Honor our cultural heritage and natural environment
Upcoming Events

June 15 - July 8, 2015
Logo Design Contest
The Molokai Island Foundation will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary in May 2015 and is looking for a new visual identity and needs your help. To fill this need we are launching a logo contest to promote our mission statement "To lead, serve and support community needs."

Find the rules and info here and an entry form here

December 6, 2014 - Saturday
Once Upon A Molokai Christmas
Kaunakakai Baseball Park 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Light Parade & Holiday Entertainment